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Date: 2021-07-10
Author: Aokai

As recently posted on some website, we have seen some polish companies, adopting different ways to make cars look fancy and sporty, like adding carbon fiber front splitters

If you are looking for a few decent carbon aerodynamic components outside of the M-Performance Parts, then the Polish tuning company Sterckenn is definitely a good place to start. And recently the company even presented new components for the BMW X3 M (F97) that also fit the technically identical X4 M (F98). The components improve the aerodynamic properties and ensure a sporty, aggressive style. And for the first time, the components are those that were manufactured for a BMW SUV. Sterckenn has developed a three-part front spoiler for the X3 M and its coupé counterpart. The multi-part system allows customers to simply swap out scratched items instead of the entire set. Not a bad idea!


The three components consist of pre-impregnated carbon fiber and are available worldwide through dealers in Europe, the USA, Japan, Korea and Australia. Incidentally, the photo vehicle still has side markings painted in the vehicle color, there was a new set of wheels in silver and apparently also a subtle lowering. Perhaps this will be the starting signal from Sterckenn for other SUV M cars from BMW, such as the X5 M or the X6 M? If we receive timely information on other components from Sterckenn for an M model, there is of course an update for this report.


It is becoming a trend. So if you are looking a factory to supply 3pcs style carbon fiber splitters, welcome to contact us.

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